Procedure for Registration

⇒  To register for the Examination being held, you have to go to your study course within the prescribed time schedule. 
⇒   Fill up an Admission form and deposit it with the coordinator of your study center along with the prescribed fee as mentioned in within the prescribed dates in person or through your representative. 
⇒  Unless fee is paid within the prescribed dates, you will not be allowed to appear in the examinations. 
⇒  You must fill up the correct codes of the subjects (you wish to appear) in the examinations form. You can register for examination only in those subjects, which you selected at the time of admission or eligible otherwise. Do check the subject codes you have filled in the form carefully. If you fill up a subject code for which have not taken admission, you have not be allowed to appear in the examination in that subject. Also no results will be declared in such a subject. 
⇒  Learners admitted to Senior Secondary Course must ensure that for the purpose of obtaining a certificate at the Senior Secondary level, a two year- gap is essential from the year of passing the secondary examination. If you do not have the requisite gap of two years, you can appear in a maximum of four subjects only. 
⇒  You have to appear in the Examination Center allotted to you by NBOSI. The decision of NBOSI with regard to allotment of examination will be final. 
⇒  Contact your study center or log on to NBOSI websites two weeks prior to commencement of examination for finding out details regarding your examination center and date sheet. 
⇒  Please note the examination centers will be fixed by NBOSI in district Headquarters and sub divisional Headquarters only. 
⇒  In case, you appear in Examination Center other than allotted, your result will not be declared and your case may be treated as having resorted to unfair means. 

Credit Accumulation

⇒  You can avail as many as nine chance to appear in the Examinations spread over a period of five years, NBOSI will keep and accumulate your credit in particular subjects in its computer till you clear all the required subjects for certification. Avail this flexible scheme of examination to learn well and to get better results. It may, however, become necessary for NBOSI to revise the syllabus of different course from time to time and in that case NBOSI decision will be binding. 
⇒  As Senior Secondary learner, if you pass in Practicals but fail in the theory of subject, your practical awards will be retained and you can appear again in theory examination. 
⇒  However, if you re-appear in practicals again then better of the two results will be taken into account. Likewise, the part credit of passing in the theory but failing in Practicals is retained, but the examination fee of both theory and Practicals has to be paid even if you do not intend to appear in theory or Practicals. 
⇒  For Secondary Examinations, theory and Practicals are considered as one unit and you have to pass in aggregate of the two. Hence for appearing in a subject with Practicals, you are required to appear in both theory and practicals.